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Author: Stephen Londergan  Published: 2002
List Price: 21.98   You Save: 10.99   Our Price: 10.99   

Author: Daniel Giblin & Richard Lam  Published: 2000
List Price: 44.95   You Save: 8.99   Our Price: 35.96   

Author: Cimino, James  Published: 1998
List Price: 39.94   You Save: 19.97   Our Price: 19.97   

Author: Kenyon Brown, Kevin Brown, Scott Haberman  Published: 1998
List Price: 44.98   You Save: 22.49   Our Price: 22.49   

Author: Esther and Bill Schindler, David Moskowitz, Dennis  Published: 1998
List Price: 34.99   You Save: 24.49   Our Price: 10.50   

Author: Erica Kerwien  Published: 1997
List Price: 24.98   You Save: 12.49   Our Price: 12.49   

Author: Stephen Londergan, Pat Freeland  Published: 1997
List Price: 19.99   You Save: 10.99   Our Price: 9.00   

Author: Jane Calabria and Rob Kirkland  Published: 1997
List Price: 49.98   You Save: 24.99   Our Price: 24.99   

Author: Erica Kerwien, Sally Blanning Dejean  Published: 1996
List Price: 44.98   You Save: 22.49   Our Price: 22.49   

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