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Protect Yourself Online

Author: Matthew Danda
ISBN: 0735611882   Published: 2001
Publisher: Microsoft   Pages: 368

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Protect Yourself Online
Discover how to fend off fraud, Internet pirates, and lethal viruses when you traverse the Web on your home PC. PROTECT YOURSELF ONLINE uses plain English and easy-to-follow steps to teach the essentials for improving your online security and privacy. The author, an Internet security specialist with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft?client and server products, deftly demystifies Internet security issues for the nontechnical home user. The first part of the book covers the most timely advances in Internet security, such as KPI and IPSec, as well as recounting the lessons of recent virus and hacker attacks. It also explores what's going on in the burgeoning area of Net-related legislation. The book then provides clear, step-by-step instructions and expert tips that empower readers to take an active role in protecting their personal information, hardware, software, and data. It's a great big Web out there, but it's easier to stay safe with PROTECT YOURSELF ONLINE.Positioning Statement: For General End Users, Protect Yourself Online provides expert advice and step-by-step tips for protecting everyday privacy and security on lineUnique Selling Proposition: Protect Yourself Online tells you how to defend yourself against potential threats to your personal information and is written by an expert in the field, who fights the war against privacy invasion and new viruses every dayKey Book Benefits: Shares expert advice and step-by-step procedures for protecting online privacy and security Demystifies Internet security issues without bogging down the reader in heavy-duty jargon. Authors are Internet security specialists who bring the first-hand insights of the Internet security programmer to the layperson. (22459)

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- 2003-10-28
thtrh said:
it stunk

- 2003-10-28
fatamia said:
u think people are actually going to bye this?

- 2003-10-28
jerry said:
this book was very good. the theme just pulled me in bye the way every one talk and i loved the genre!

- 2005-05-29
Benjaporn said:
Come on To reach farst!!!!!


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